About us

The Grunner harvester is a Polish product designed for fruit growers, who often have to deal with many problems - machine failures or lack of employees.

By joining efforts of an experienced fruit grower and a design engineer, orchard owners can start working much faster and more efficiently.

Grunner Vario

Why choose Grunner machines:

Performance increased by 20%

You collect more apples in less time

Automation of work

You reduce the cost of hiring employees

Crops without damage

Thoughtful construction, thanks to which apples are transferred to the box pallets under controlled conditions


Work does not require lifting

Low maintenance costs

Daily gasoline consumption of 6 liters and annual maintenance cost of PLN 1000

The mission of our company is to improve the work in orchards, so that in a short time you can collect as many apples as possible while maintaining high-quality crops.

The design of the Grunner harvester has been very carefully considered, so the risk of bruising on the fruit is greatly reduced.

Grunner - O firmie

We are confident in the high quality of our harvester, which is why we give it a 24-month warranty.

Our goal is to create a Polish product, which quality exceeds the machines from foreign manufacturers. We've used solutions that our competitors don't have, and the parts it's made of are first-class.