Do you want to grow your orchard farm and increase its productivity? Make sure you choose the right machines.

Our goal is to help growers to make working on harvesting and orchard care lighter, less time-consuming and more efficient.

We offer innovative solutions for agriculture - our range includes equipment that can be used in small and large orchards:

  • Grunner Vario orchard harvester,
  • orchard weeder,
  • sliding mower.

This is a set that should be in every orchard. You can harvest in a short time and without damaging the fruit with these reliable machines, and you can perform the most important maintenance procedures to improve the appearance and quality of your crop.

The Grunner brand of modern orchard machinery comes with a 24 month warranty.

Our products Grunner

Grunner Vario Orchard weeder Sliding mower

Grunner Vario

Unique solution increasing profits

The Grunner Vario is a harvester that combines the best of what we have developed from our own experience and from inspiration with other machines. By using innovative ideas, the Grunner Vario combine serves its owner better.

It's time to replace traditional apple picking with modern solutions that enable smooth operation without downtime.

Working in the orchard no longer has to be a tiring and time-consuming activity.

Take advantage of the technology for next-generation agriculture – the Grunner apple harvester, which speeds up and facilitates the work of fruit growers.

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Grunner Vario

Orchard weeder

Orchard care is very important, so be sure to regularly remove unwanted plants that appear in your crop.

Weeds found in the orchard negatively affect fruit trees, take away their light, water, nutrients. Mechanical weed removal keeps your orchard perfectly clean, so you'll enjoy better yields in terms of quantity and quality.

The Grunner weeder is a handy and easy-to-use tool consisting of cultivator discs that loosen the soil, a head that rejects weeds, support wheels and a hydraulic lift. The design of the weeder is designed in such a way that each orchardist can set weeding parameters adjusted to individual expectations.

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Orchard weeder

Sliding mower

Agrotechnical procedures should be carried out with high-quality equipment, so your orchard should not lack the Grunner sliding mower.

Do you want to increase the comfort and efficiency of the work related to the care of the orchard? Choose a mower made of solid components. With Grunner equipment, you can quickly get rid of grass and weed from your orchard and keep it in perfect condition.

The Grunner sliding mower has a compact, durable and thoughtful design. It is mounted on a three-point suspension system, equipped with a hydraulic system and a working unit consisting of rotors with replaceable blades. The mower can be hooked up to any tractor and mowing grasses of various kinds.

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Sliding mower




  • Cutting branches with a diameter of up to 5 cm.
  • Two horizontal scythes enabling cutting out the lower and upper parts of the tree crown.
  • Inclination of the scythe outwards at an angle of 8 degrees - enables precise cutting of branches and limits their contact with the machine. INNOVATION
  • Adjustment of the tilt angle, height and side shift of the frame - allows you to adjust the cut to the angle of the tree crown.
  • Cutting system from the renowned Schumacher brand. (bayonets and counter-sharpening self-sharpening knives).
  • Smooth adjustment of the horizontal knife through the use of two hydraulic cylinders.


  • Mast stabilizing sheath - protects the structure against damage during sudden braking or transport.
  • High-quality components from reputable manufacturers guarantee durability and extended service life
  • The drive is transmitted between the gears via power transmission shafts


  • The structure of the machine is powder coated with a zinc primer; hot-hardened varnish and primer, resistant to corrosion, contact with chemicals, mechanical damage.
Grunner Raptor


The method of attachment Front hitch category II
PTO revolutions [revolutions / min] 540
Cutterbar inclination [degrees] 8
Maximum degree of inclination of the cutter bar 8
Power demand [kW / HP] 22/30
Working width min. - max. [mm] 1600-1800
Working height [mm] 3500
Adjustment of height, width and angle of inclination of the cutterbar Hydraulic actuators
Working speed [km/h] 1 - 3,5
Total height [mm] 3000

Intermediate gear:
Power [kW/KM] 50 kW (67 hp)
Gear 1:1
Weight [kg] 540

Additional equipment (optional):

    • Mounting of cutting saws
    • Installation of the drilling rig
    • Hydraulic pump with a tank on the rear right
    • Hot dip galvanized selected elements
    • Change the color of selected elements
    • Other configurations, as requested by the customer