The Grunner Vario is a harvester that combines the best of what we have developed from our own experience and from inspiration with other machines. By using innovative ideas, the Grunner Vario combine serves its owner better.

It's time to replace traditional apple picking with modern solutions that enable smooth operation without downtime.

Grunner Vario

Working in the orchard no longer has to be a tiring and time-consuming activity. Take advantage of the technology for next-generation agriculture – the Grunner apple harvester, which speeds up and facilitates the work of fruit growers.

Kombajny marki Grunner to innowacyjne rozwiązanie dla sadownictwa, które pozwoli zautomatyzować i tym samym bardzo usprawnić pracę sadowników czyniąc ją lekką oraz bardziej efektywną.

Grunner Vario


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Why is it worth using a Grunner harvester?

The Grunner combine is technically refined, thanks to which it works reliably, it is highly durable and easy to operate

Fruit free from damage

The belt with soft welts and speed brushes ensure safe loading of the fruit

Automated work

It has a sensor to control the degree of filling of the pallet

Easy parameter control

The mounted control panel allows to monitor the condition of the hydraulic system

Smooth driving without downtime

It has a four-wheel drive and a retractable rear axle, allowing it to remain stable on uneven ground

Various driving modes

It has two driving modes – manual and automatic

Our equipment is made of top quality components, which guarantees low failure rate and long life.

Grunner is a multi-tasking machine. Alongside improving the harvesting of apples, our combine will allow you to perform maintenance cutting of trees as it is equipped with pruning shears and a compressor.