Orchard weeder WORTH CHOOSING

Orchard care is very important, so be sure to regularly remove unwanted plants that appear in your crop.

Weeds found in the orchard negatively affect fruit trees, m.in. take away their light, water, nutrients. Mechanical weed removal keeps your orchard perfectly clean, so you'll enjoy better yields in terms of quantity and quality.

Take care of your orchard by choosing a Grunner weeder.

Orchard weeder

The Grunner weeder is a handy and easy-to-use tool consisting of cultivator discs that loosen the soil, a head that rejects weeds, support wheels and a hydraulic lift. The design of the weeder is designed in such a way that each orchardist can set weeding parameters adjusted to individual expectations.

Grunner weeder



  • Ecological, mechanical destruction of weeds in orchards and crops where side weeding is required (incl. vineyards, orchards and berry fruit plantations)
  • It improves fertility, aerates the soil, as well as the availability of water and nutrients for plants
  • Multitasking Working Unit:
    • Cultivator discs (max. 4 pcs.) pull up weeds, loosen the soil, and can also throw out weeds "from a row" or "to a row" of trees (depending on the option)
    • The weeding star removes weeds
    • Wider coverage of the tilled soil thanks to the star diameter of 700 mm
  • Two types of weeder adjustment:
    • hydraulic: working width from 1320 to 1910 mm and the gradient of the Working Unit in the range of 40 degrees
    • manual horizontal and the angle of inclination of the weeding star

Reliability and durability

  • High-quality materials guarantee an extended lifecyce:
    • Cultivator discs mounted on individual hubs with covered bearings, made of wear-resistant Swedish HARDOX steel
    • Weeding star made of polyurethane mass with high flexibility to protect trees against damage, high resistance to abrasion, UV radiation and acid soil


  • The structure of the machine is powder coated with a zinc primer; hot-hardened varnish and primer, resistant to corrosion, contact with chemicals, mechanical damage.


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Why use a Grunner weeder?

Weeding depth adjustment

Positioning the discs and head at any angle

Flexible head to protect trees from damage

Discs mounted on individual covered bearings

Hydraulic working width adjustment (up to 4m)

The weeder also has other functions, all you have to do is replace the head and install the appropriate attachments. With the Grunner weeder, you can, among other things: cut roots, rake humus out from under trees and rake out branches.

Using the Grunner weeder, you can remove weeds thoroughly and without the need for herbicides. Work efficiently and comfortably using modern equipment. We give a 24-month warranty for the machines.